American Girl Dolls

American Girl Dolls are beautiful and a popular doll today. Although the expenses are relatively high, they are definitly worth every penny!

American Girl Dolls are an 18 inch plastic doll and are great for play time! Depending on your age, there are different dolls you can choose from.  American Girls are for 8+, but I recieved my first one when I was 7 I believe. And she is still in pretty good shape! Bitty Twins and Bitty Babys are meant for the younger ones.

Historical Charcters come with a past-time story. You will recieve a book that confirms the doll’s story and you can purchase more by shopping on their website, ordering from their magazines, or visiting your local book store.

My American Girl is still an American Girl, but you create the very unique story of your doll! Although they won’t be worth as much later on, they are still another great choice.

American Girl provides many different types of items you can purchase for your doll. From highchairs to outfits to food, American Girl has every nescesity you could dream of! (Ever though about braces for the doll? AG has!) 

Check out there online store at

Also, try visiting one of their retail stores today! 


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